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Welcome to Fibroid Network Online World Fibroids Information

Welcome to Fibroid Network News Pregnancy,

This site has been built to provide you with interactive, Discussion groups, books, interviews, surveys, worldwide fibroids news, events, research, your news, Fibroid directory(weblinks), FAQ's, online mail & lots more! Please post your news or weblink. Our mission is to improve Fibroid Networking. Fibroid News, articles, support group details, events, & research on this site. Free to register to post news or post in discussion groups Please Link or bookmark this site as news is added daily. This is a non-profit group. We are not a charity at present but we carry out charitable work in provideing info to the public on fibroids. www.fibroidnetworkonline.com

Please add your comments to our articles & use our discussion forums

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FREE New Guide to treating Heavy Periods available here

The new NICE Patient Guide to Treating Heavy Periods is available for FREE download here

CLICK HERE TO VIEWThe Patients Guide to Treatments In Word format

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD & VIEW the FREE N.I.C.E. Doctors Quick Reference Guide to treating Heavy Periods Doctors short Guide to the NICE GuidelineIn Adobe acrobat format

CLICK HERE for the FREE DOWNLOAD of the FULL Evidence based 2007 UK NICE GUIDELINE for NHS Healthcare Providers: with full research on treating Heavy Periods including recommended Drug Treatments & Surgery with or without Fibroids Published January 2007In Adobe acrobat format

Also here is my story in a BBC article online "I had an 11lb fibroid removed successfully" CLICK HERE to view I was proud to be a patient Representative on the Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Guideline for NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) which produces the Guidelines for the UK NHS, so that we could finally get modern effective treatments for this condition. We were contacted by 1,000's of women who suffered from Heavy Bleeding & Fibroids , so I participated in creating a UK Guideline for Drs & Patients to help people who suffered from both these conditions. Thank you to all of my Fellow Guideline Development Panel members for this fantastic review of new treatments. And, thanks to all the Members of Parliament & Womens Organisations who supported us , to help women get Informed, Patient Choice Bridgette York, Fibroid Network

What are Fibroids?

The National Institutes for Health has a very good Guide to Fibroids, with a good overview of treatment options & frequently asked questions.


Also here is the USA 20/20 documentary involving fibroid specialist Dr Stanley West, from the ManhattanFibroid Associates discussing the often inappropriate use of Hysterectomy(womb removal) for fibroids & other conditions CLICK HERE to view the 20/20 VIDEO

 Events: Fibroid Talk at the Dana Centre Science Museum Thurs 5 March 7-9pm

Fibroid Events, Conferences, Workshops

The Colour of Health, Fibroids and a Lupus Discussion

The Dana Centre is the adult venue of the Science Museum and is a space for discussions, debates and activities on contemporary science, technology and social issues for the general public. Bridgette York will be attending to speak about new developments for fibroid treatment & her own successful treatment, and whether environmental, or social factors can affect their development.

The event is called

“The Colour of Health” on Thursday the 5th of March from 7pm-9pm. You are welcome to attend. This event may be webcast.

There are diseases that affect some communities more than others. Rather than just genetics, this is down to an interplay of biological, social and environmental factors. The science museum will be looking at two diseases that are prevalent in women , that can have particular issues for black women, i.e. lupus and fibroids, and discuss causes, support and solutions.

Speakers: Mariam Molokhia, lecturer in genetic epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Adetoun Hughes, Chair of the South London Lupus Group.

Isaac Manyonda, consultant gynaecologist, St George's Hospital

Bridgette York founder of the Fibroid Network Patient Group

Event organised by:

The Science Museum


Call 020 7942 4040 or e-mail tickets@danacentre.org.uk Address for the talk is: The Science Museum's Dana Centre 165 Queen's Gate South Kensington London SW7 5HD

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Thursday, March 05 @ 23:04:33 EST
 (3669 reads)
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 Events: Caribbean Woman Jamaica Uterine Fibroids Conference 8-9 March 2009

Fibroid Events, Conferences, Workshops

Sunday March 8 Free One Day Fibroid Expo at the Hilton Kingston, Jamaica 12noon - 7PM Expert presentations, one on one consultations, advice etc.

Monday March 9 Declared Fibroid Awareness Day in Jamaica To promote awareness of this issue in Jamaica There will be full Islandwide distribution of the issue of the 48 page Uterine Fibroid Guide. 50,000 copies inserted in the local newspaper, the Jamaica observer

For more info, please contact fibroids@cwjamaica.com or ceventsgroup@hotmail.com

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Thursday, March 05 @ 22:23:35 EST
 (2477 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Dr Sandra Richards Fibroid Interview with Bridgette York Saturday 5th May 2007 9

Press Releases & Media Requests

Dr Sandra Richards Phd Interviews Bridgette York about Fibroids on Colourful Radio, which is available online.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN & VIEW the Colourful Radio Website to visit the Colourful Radio radio interview (UK) 5th May 2007 between 9-12am GMTwith Sandra Richards

In addition to holding a PhD, Dr. Richards has a substantial track record of grassroots community development in the UK, Caribbean, America and Africa. Her work has contributed significantly to self-development, professional good practice, inclusive education and rites of passage. In this work, Sandra pioneers a multi-sensory approach to stress management.

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Saturday, May 05 @ 02:14:28 EDT
 (3788 reads)
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 Pregnancy Fertility: Do you have Fibroids and want to get Pregnant?

Info about Fibroids Pregnancy Fertility

Fibroids do not affect your fertility. Many women have fibroids & sometimes only discover them during pregnancy, and still go on to have healthy babies. Fibroids are very common in women , between 50-80% of women will develop them by the age of 50. Some people will have tiny pea size fibroids, some can have melon size fibroids. 50% of women will have no symptoms from fibroids , irrespective of their size.

There has been research on fibroids & fertility, which confirms that women with fibroids are as fertile as the average woman of their age in society. After myomectomy , the chances of pregnancy for a woman under 35 is up to 75% . Women's ability to maintain a pregnancy (if they had , had problems before) increased after Myomectomy.

CLICK HERE to Read the Research Article on Myomectomy in the Human Reproductive Journal Myomectomy: a study to examine reproductive performance before and after surgery

CLICK HERE to to also visit FORESIGHT CHARITY Online which provides information on Preconception Health Programmes to help ensure you are in the best of health before you try for a baby

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Tuesday, March 20 @ 16:33:31 EDT
 (22935 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Bridgette Interviewed on BBC Radio Sun 11 March between 9-12pm

Press Releases & Media Requests

Bridgette York, was Interviewed, Sunday 11th March 2007 on BBC Radio London 94.9 fm Eddie Nestor,s show today Sunday 11th March 2007 between 9-12am in the morning. There was also phone-in. Toptcs discussed: Fibroids & pregnancy, the Mirena coil, new diet research, international fibroid statistics, hysterectomy & Patient Choice & the New NHS guidelines on Heavy Periods, with or without fibroids, which made all the alternatives to Hysterectomy available in the UK on the NHS from January 2007.

Realplayer or Windows Media Player are useful to play it. If you missed it it will be online for 7 days, 24hours a day CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW ONLINE NOW. The Fibroids section is about 35 mins into the show

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Sunday, March 11 @ 01:48:41 EST
 (3179 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Bridgette York was interviewed on ITV's This Morning Weds 7 March 2007

Fibroid Network CharityBridgette York of Fibroid Network was on ITV's This Morning Programme on Wednesday 7th March 2007 , discussing Fibroids & raising awareness of new treatments available as a result of a new NHS Guideline UK ITV's This Morning Programme. Thank you Fern & Phil for raising awareness of this important issue.

From left to right This Morning Presenter, Fern Britton, Bridgette York , Presenter , Phillip Schofield, Sashi Obhrai Fibroid Network

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Tuesday, March 06 @ 10:22:08 EST
 (3729 reads)
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 Fibroid Network News: Bridgette York interviewed on BBC's Woman's Hour Fri 23 Feb 2007

Press Releases & Media

Bridgette York Interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Womans Hour.

Realplayer or Windows Media Player are useful to play it. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW ONLINE

One in four women in England suffer from menstrual problems at some point in their life and half of those may never see their GP about the problem. Fibroids can be one of the causes and traditionally women have been offered a hysterectomy as a solution. However there are now many more treatment options and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has issued new guidelines to help women find the right one. Martha Kearney talks to Bridgette York, about the successful removal of an 11 pound fibroid , whilst still keeping her womb, Bridgette is a Director of the Fibroid Network and Jenny Higham, Consultant Gynaecologist, Imperial College, London CLICK HERE to Read about the Programme on the BBC WEbsite

Dr Adrian Lower (Myomectomy & Fertility Specialist)of the Private London Fibroid Clinic (Tel 0207 486 2440 )performed Bridgette's myomectomy Weblink Here

This & many other treatments including, Fibroid Embolisation (fibroid shrinkage), is now available to all UK women, on the NHS, thanks to the recommendations in the new NHS Guidelines.

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Saturday, February 24 @ 08:07:42 EST
 (3804 reads)
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 Natural Treatments: A Healthy Diet Lowers the Risk of Fibroids

Natural Treatments of Fibroids

There is a link between fibroids & diet, , Italian Researchers have found.

In a European Study , researchers found that fibroids were more common in women who ate beef and ham frequently, and less common in women who ate more green vegetables & fruit had a lower risk of fibroids.

Click here to Read the Full Research article from the www.greenjournal.org Obstetrics & Gynecology Journal Weblink Here

Click here to Read the Full Research article about Alcohol especially Beer being a Risk Factor for Fibroids . This Study involved 22,000 women, in the Human Reproduction Journal Weblink Here

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Monday, February 12 @ 00:19:25 EST
 (9047 reads)
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 Natural Treatments: Exercise Lowers the Risk of Fibroids -Research Shows

Natural Treatments of Fibroids

Exercising regularly may help prevent women from developing uterine fibroids, a new study shows. Fibroids, also referred to as uterine leiomyomas, are benign tumours that grow in the uterus and can cause infertility, bleeding, pain and pregnancy difficulties. They are the leading reason for hysterectomies among UK & US women, Dr Donna Day Baird of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and colleagues note in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

The more active the women were, the less likely they were to have fibroids of any size. Those who exercised for 7 hours or more weekly had a 40% lower fibroid risk than those who exercised for less than 2 hours a week. Women who did at least 4 hours of vigorous exercise weekly were less likely to develop tumours.

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Sunday, February 11 @ 23:45:00 EST
 (6798 reads)
(Read More... | 2284 bytes more | Natural Treatments | Score: 4.72)

 Events: Diagnosis & Management of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding NICE Guideline Launch 25 Jan

Fibroid Events, Conferences, Workshops

Thursday 25th January 2007 an all day conference will be held at the London Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists This educational day has been organised to coincide with the publication of the NICE guideline on diagnosis and management of heavy menstrual bleeding. The programme will include discussion of the main recommendations, key priorities for implementation and research recommendations from the guideline. The programme is appropriate for all healthcare professionals and patient groups with an interest in evidence-based practice, and in particular those involved in the care of women with heavy menstrual bleeding.

Special Thanks to my fellow , UK Guideline Development Panel Members for sharing their expertise & up to date specialist knowledge: Professor Mary Ann Lumsden Obstetrician and Gynaecologist,University of Glasgow GDG Chair; Dr David Parkin Consultant in Gynaecology,Aberdeen Gynaecologist; Dr Sean Duffy Clinical Director - Gynaecology,Leeds Gynaecologist; Dr Jane Preston Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, James Paget Hospital, Norfolk ; Dr Anna-Marie Belli Consultant Radiologist, St George's Hospital, London ; Dr Mark Shapley General Practitioner(GP) Staffordshire; Dr Sarah Gray General Practitioner(GP) Cornwall; Dianne Crowe Gynaecology Specialist Nurse Practitioner, Hexham NHS Trust, Northumberland; Professor Klim McPherson Professor of Public Health Epidemiology, Oxford Epidemiologist; Ms Yasmin Gunaratnam Patient Carer Representative; Mr Jiri Chard Researcher

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Thursday, January 25 @ 02:30:37 EST
 (3855 reads)
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 Heavy Bleeding: NICE guidance highlights new treatment options available to women living with he

Heavy Bleeding News

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has today issued guidance on the diagnosis, treatment and management of heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) currently the leading cause of lower quality of life amongst women of childbearing age. One in four women in England suffer from menstrual problems during lifetime, and it is estimated that 6.5% of all women aged 12-51 have heavy menstrual bleeding.5 Despite this high figure, only 50% of these women are coming forward to seek help from their GP.5 The guidelines make recommendations on a range of effective treatments that should be discussed with women prior to considering irreversible and radical surgical operations such as hysterectomy.

The guideline is based on the need for good communication between women and the doctors and nurses caring for them. It promotes the need to provide women with evidence-based information so they can make informed decisions about their care and treatment, in partnership with their doctors and nurses

The NICE National Institute for Clinical Excellence , Press Officer for this guideline & for Fibroid Network Bridgette York is Kristin O’Leary 020 7067 5871 or kristin.oleary@nice.org.uk , for all press enquiries.

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Wednesday, January 24 @ 02:04:14 EST
 (5699 reads)
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 Press: Women robbed of motherhood by a needless hysterectomy

Press Releases & Media

NICE The National Institute of Clinical Excellence has produced a new guideline for the UK NHS, that gives Drs & Patients Information on how to deal with Heavy Periods & Fibroids.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW to see Jenny Hope's article in the Daily Mail (UK) Women robbed of motherhood by a needless hysterectomy

Also here is a BBC article online "No hysterectomy for Heavy Periods" CLICK HERE to view

 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Wednesday, January 24 @ 01:45:49 EST
 (3861 reads)
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 Events: Fibroid Support Group Meetings London 2006

Fibroid Events, Conferences, Workshops Fibroid Fibroids Events London UK www.fibroidnetworkonline.com
The Griot Institute is a Charity Promoting African centred approaches to developing people & communities. They hold monthly Fibroid Support Group meetings in Lewisham, London.

The Speakers at these meetings are women with fibroids who have researched their condition and have found ways of reducing the disabling effects of fibroids on their lives. Some of these women were advised to have hysterectomies & refused.

On Tuesday 14th March 2006 , Claudette, who appears in the 14th February's 2006 edition of Best Magazine, will be speaking about her experiences. She refused to have a hysterectomy for fibroids. She had 33 fibroids , weighing almost a stone, removed by Myomectomy. Claudette will also be showing video clips from her operation which was televised last year on BBC's City Hospital Claudette shares her successful experience of myomectomy. Click below to read more about the meetings.

 Posted by isisuk on Tuesday, February 14 @ 10:17:51 EST
 (4843 reads)
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 Events: Advances in Fibroid Research NIH International Congress 24th-25th Feb 2005

Fibroid Events, Conferences, Workshops

Advances in Uterine Leiomyoma (Fibroid) Research: 2nd NIH International Congress 24th-25th February 2005 The AMERICAN NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH held its 2nd Fibroids conference. At the National Institutes of Health Maryland USA.

This medical conference brought together researchers working in the fields of biomedicine, epidemiology, basic research, therapeutics to exchange scientific information among members of the uterine leiomyoma research and health care communities.

The conference covered Fibroid Clinical Experience and Therapeutic Strategies, Epidemiology, Clinical Trials, Pathogenesis of Smooth Muscle Tumors, and Molecular and Genetic Characteristics.

For Presenters' Conference notes, abstracts & Slides CLICK HERE to visit their site.

You can also view the whole televised, 2 day conference on line , for free from their website, by following this link CLICK HERE.

 Posted by isisuk on Friday, February 25 @ 15:28:29 EST
 (4644 reads)
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 Pregnancy Fertility: Foresight Charity provides advice on Preparing for Pregnancy

Info about Fibroids Pregnancy Fertility

Foresight Charity provides information& research on Preconception , assisting couples to have healthy babies when they have had difficulty conceiving. Women with Fibroids considering Pregnancy or post fibroid surgery may find their information leaflets helpful. Statistically their programme is more successful then IVF. Foresight works with the University of Surrey & Doctors to maximise couples health prior to pregnancy.

Foresight has put together a thoroughly researched programme, which looks at the common key areas, of preparing for pregnancy in order to try to have uncomplicated pregnancies.

1. Nutrition. 2. Common Social Toxins. 3. Contraception 4. Genitourinary and Other Infections. 5. Allergy, Malabsorption and / or Intestinal Infestation 6. Trace Mineral Metabolism and Toxic Metals

Their research has shown that eliminating or reducing these problems leads to more successful pregnancies. We are often asked by women with or without fibroids what they can do about their diet prior to pregnancy, this organisation helps to provide this information. They also assist older women considering pregnancy.


 Posted by isisuk on Thursday, February 24 @ 17:19:28 EST
 (5353 reads)
(Read More... | Pregnancy Fertility | Score: 3.66)

 Fibroid Network News: Huw Edwards UK Minister of Parliament wants MP's Support for Fibroid Choice

Fibroid Network Charity

Huw Edwards MP for Monmouth has tabled an Early Day Motion in the UK Parliament to support the need for Women with Fibroids to have Informed Patient Choice in Alternatives for Hysterectomy

 Posted by isisuk on Thursday, February 24 @ 13:22:50 EST
 (4391 reads)
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 Events: World's Largest Fibroid Expo Jamaica 12th-13th March 2005

Fibroid Events, Conferences, Workshops Caribbean Woman Addressing Fibroids 2005 Jamaica Fibroidnetworkonline


Fibroid Conference


Caribbean Woman Addressing Uterine Fibroids

12th-13th March 2005

Saturday & Sunday

The Largest Fibroid Conference in the World returns to the Kingston Hilton, Jamaica Conference Centre, last years event had 4,000 visitors. Many International Experts expected. This event is for Women with Fibroids & additionally has a Fibroid Medical Symposium on Sunday 13th March 2005. Read More

 Posted by isisuk on Thursday, February 24 @ 07:33:38 EST
 (5341 reads)
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 Press: Woman & Home Magazine has an Embolisation Article this Month February 2005

Press Releases & MediaThis month's UK Woman & Home magazine has a feature on Embolisation. A detailed, woman's own successful experience of Uterine Fibroid Embolization in the UK. Recommended Reading!

 Posted by isisuk on Thursday, February 24 @ 07:33:03 EST
 (4492 reads)
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 Events: Fibroid Network raises the fibroid treatment issue at the UK Parliament

Press Releases & Media

On Wednesday 15th December 2004 , Mr Huw Edwards Labour MP for Monmouth leads a presentation in the UK Parliament at Westminster with Fibroid Network on the difficulties facing Women with fibroids. Lack of Patient Choice in obtaining alternatives to hysterectomy will be discussed.

50% of UK women having fibroid surgery in the NHS each year will have their wombs removed (Hysterectomy), when alternatives to hysterectomy are available nationwide. 95% of women who contact Fibroid Network, want an alternative to hysterectomy. This is a major public health issue for women. Women want more conservative & more minimally invasive treatments.

 Posted by isisuk on Wednesday, December 15 @ 06:50:24 EST
 (4018 reads)
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 Events: Unity held Fibroid Information day 4 Dec 2004

Fibroid Events, Conferences, WorkshopsGinette Campbell-Walsh of Femisa a fibroid embolisation patient info group, Dr Nigel Cowan Radiologist & Embolisation Doctor & Bridgette York, presented a seminar on fibroids & alternatives to hysterectomy. This event was supported by the Oxford Primary Healthcare trust.

 Posted by isisuk on Wednesday, December 15 @ 06:38:52 EST
 (4073 reads)
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 Press: Fibroid Network Charity compares fibroid treatments Worldwide

Press Releases & Media

Bridgette York, Director of Fibroid Network visited Cuba, Dominican Republic & Jamaica with the British Caribbean Council to compare healthcare systems for the treatment of fibroids. Our research tour took place in November 2004

Generally, we found that women were less likely to be treated by hysterectomy in their fertile years than in the UK. In Cuba & the Dominican Republic , fibroids were less common in women in their 20's. Doctors generally advoided hysterectomy due to high costs, patients wishes & side effects.

In these countries, we found many Doctors combining Complimentary medicine with surgery as the last resort. All countries were interested in researching the prevention of early onset of fibroids in women, or generally managing symptoms to avoid surgery.

We met with many Doctors, Health Ministers & the President of the Dominican Republic. There is a clear need for an International Symposium on Fibroids to update Doctors both in the UK & Worldwide on the range of new treatments for fibroids. Our full report on our findings will be presented on this site

 Posted by isisuk on Wednesday, December 15 @ 05:49:18 EST
 (4543 reads)
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 Embolisation: Embolisation UAE Treatment to shrink fibroids is now available throughout the UK

Details of Fibroid Surgeries available

Fibroid Embolisation is an alternative to hysterectomy , which is now available throughout the UK, both on the NHS & Privately. We understand that this was the treatment of choice for Dr. Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor to the USA Government.

Uterine Artery Embolisation (UAE) is a minimally invasive procedure which involves blocking the blood supply leading to the Fibroids so they shrink. In most cases this both shrinks the fibroids and reduces heavy menstrual bleeding

We have a reguarly updated list of where to obtain this treatment. It is also available worldwide . This article also has links to online web videos showing the embolisation procedure.

 Posted by isisuk on Tuesday, October 19 @ 12:53:58 EDT
 (13226 reads)
(Read More... | 24014 bytes more | Embolisation | Score: 4.5)

 Endometrial Ablation: New Treatment for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Hydro ThermAblator™

Details of Fibroid Surgeries available

Hydrotherm Ablation is a new kind of minimal surgery for heavy menstrual bleeding. In trials it has been over 80% effective in reducing Heavy Bleeding without the need for Hysterectomy.

There is also a short video, showing the procedure in this article. Click Read More for more information.

 Posted by isisuk on Tuesday, October 19 @ 11:18:56 EDT
 (25824 reads)
(Read More... | 12575 bytes more | Endometrial Ablation | Score: 4.3)

 Press: Fibroid Network Charity attended the Labour Party Conference to lobby MP’s

Press Releases & Media Bridgette York Fibroid Network Charity Lobby's Government on fibroids

50% of UK Women Develop Womb Tumours–Uterine Fibroids

Fibroid Network Charity attended the Labour Party Conference to lobby MP’s to prevent women from being sterilized for fibroids, when womb-saving techniques are available to treat this common condition.

Bridgette York and Shashi Obhrai, Founding Directors of Fibroid Network Charity, attended the conference to make the Government  aware that many women were failing to obtain informed choice about treatments available. We provided information to Gordon Brown, (Chancellor of the Exchequer), John Reid, (Secretary of State for Health), Ian McCartney (Chairman of the Labour Party) , Baroness Patricia Scotland QC,  Huw Edwards MP who will be assisting us in having the matter investigated further,  Trevor Phillips OBE Chair of the Commission for Racial Equality, Margaret Beckett Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Oona King MP.




UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown & Founding Director Bridgette York Fibroid Network Charity

Bridgette York has been contacted by 1,000's of women who want to have children but have only been offered hysterectomy ( womb removal) by their Doctor, without discussion of Alternatives to hysterectomy.

 Posted by isisuk on Wednesday, October 06 @ 10:41:25 EDT
 (5692 reads)
(Read More... | 19639 bytes more | Press | Score: 4.5)


Details of Fibroid Surgeries available

Breakthrough research on pregnancy after fibroid embolisation was presented by Dr WJ Walker at the 30th British Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Glasgow this month.

Fibroids are common benign growths of the uterus (womb) which may cause sub fertility as well as symptoms such as heavy periods and/or compression of adjacent organs.

The Royal Surrey County Hospital/London Clinic trial is one of the largest Fibroid Embolisation trial in the world. Over 1000 patients have been treated since December 1996, with this non surgical technique (For details visit www.fibroids.co.uk ).

Within the trial 94 of patients with fibroids were wishing to become pregnant of which 45 (48%) became pregnant of these 31 (33%) pregnancies were successful (25) ongoing (6).

 Posted by isisuk on Friday, July 30 @ 08:40:06 EDT
 (5133 reads)
(Read More... | 1749 bytes more | Embolisation | Score: 5)

 Fibroid Network News: Editor returned from successful Fibroid Treatment

Fibroid Network CharityHi everyone, I had my fibroid treatment last week, and I feel great. I am now fibroid free and have kept my healthy womb.

 Posted by isisuk on Tuesday, July 20 @ 15:09:01 EDT
 (5561 reads)
(Read More... | 464 bytes more | Fibroid Network News | Score: 5)

 Events: Fibroid Conference Jamaica West Indies 12th-13th March 2005

Fibroid Events, Conferences, Workshops

Caribbean Woman- The 2nd Women's Fibroid Expo, addressing Uterine Fibroids is being held at the Kingston Hilton, Jamaica, on Saturday & Sunday 12th -13th March 2005

This Women's conference is designed to look at the whole issue of fibroids including psychological aspects, fertility issues, holistic, dietary and other treatments as well as more conventional interventions such as myomectomy, hysterectomy and now Embolisation.

Last year's Jamaican Fibroid Expo had over 4,000 attendees over the 2 day event. For More Details of this news story, click read more. If you have any details of other fibroid conferences, worldwide please email us. Editor Bridgette York

 Posted by isisuk on Tuesday, June 29 @ 07:09:44 EDT
 (4742 reads)
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 Embolisation: Doctors in the USA Performing Uterine fibroid Embolization

Details of Fibroid Surgeries available American Doctors Performing Fibroid Embolisation Embolization USA UK

American Doctors Performing Fibroid Embolisation


The Society of Radiologists has a list of Doctors performing Embolisation throughout the USA.

Embolisation is a method of shrinking fibroids without major surgery. It is available in the UK & Worldwide. For more information CLICK HERE.
Go to the USA Radiologist Directory by CLICKING HERE. Tick the box that says UFE/Embolisation  and Insert the region of the USA where you live, for a list of Doctors.
For our UK Doctor List CLICK HERE. For UK information on Fibroid Embolisation visit www.fibroids.co.uk or Femisa (a UK Patient support group)

We  have a Worldwide Fibroid Directory, if you are a Doctor  who specializes in Alternatives to Hysterectomy i.e. myomectomy, ablation, embolisation etc. or would like to recommend your Dr to others . Please ADD YOUR LISTING HERE  under your Specialty & Country. It is free to become a member of this site add links.

 Posted by isisuk on Tuesday, June 29 @ 05:51:23 EDT
 (16277 reads)
(Read More... | Embolisation | Score: 5)

 Fibroid Research: UK Fibroid Survey

General Fibroid Surveys for our visitors Femisa Fibroid Survey

FEmISA Patient Survey   


What did your doctor tell you?  

How much information have you been given about the side effects of the treatments you have been offered?  

Is this enough to make the right decision?

FEmISA a UK fibroid support &  information site  is carrying out a survey on the treatment options offered to women with fibroids and the information given about each treatment.  Please help them to collect this information by completing the survey with your experiences. Currently, the NHS is considering offering new treatment options to women with fibroids but until now they have been unclear of what problems women are having in getting the right or appropriate treatment for their fibroids. Your feedback could help improve services.

They want to use the information collected to suggest how doctors can better inform women about treatment.  It is their wish to ensure that women are told all the options available to them, with the possible side effects, so that they can make an informed decision about which course of action is most appropriate to them.  

Survey responses will be treated with complete confidentiality. 





 Posted by FibroidNetwork on Thursday, June 10 @ 15:32:03 EDT
 (4717 reads)
(Read More... | 3125 bytes more | Fibroid Research | Score: 5)



Recent research findings show that Fibroid tumors (benign uterine growths affecting many women) lack a key protein that plays a role in holding tissues together, according to a study by researchers from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of the National Institutes of Health.

"This finding is a major step in understanding the nature of fibroids and may prove useful in efforts to devise more effective treatments for them," said Duane Alexander, M.D., Director of the NICHD.

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