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About Testosterone

Testosterone comes under a class of male sex hormones called androgens. This hormone is important for sexual and reproductive developments. Testes are the men organ produce testosterone, with a small amount made in the adrenal glands. Pituitary and hypothalamus are parts of the brain control testosterone production. The pituitary gland is instructed by hypothalamus regarding the amount of testosterone production and the pituitary gland passes the message to the testes. Thus a vital communication happens between the chemicals and hormones in the blood. This hormone is a core for secondary sex character developments such as increased penis, voice deepening, the size of testes and facial / body hair growth.

Who does need testosterone booster?

Testosterone supplements are commonly used in bodybuilding and among sports persons. A recent study stated that the men who are above 30 years do have less than 22% of testosterone production. Leading a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, eating chemical additive products reduces the testosterone level and in turn the reduced levels might lead to loss / low of sexual drive, feeling fatigue and unmotivated.

The decreased levels of Testosterone are indicated by some physical changes such as loss of strength with no apparent causes, feeling moody and depressed, reduced metabolic rate and sudden weight gain, erectile dysfunction, and libido, difficulty in muscle mass gaining even after an intense training. When these symptoms are severe and intervene in regular activities, testosterone supplement and boosters help them for easy recovery.

Most of the people adopt these supplements to increase their strength, especially players, weight lifters. When such supplement is combined with strong training, good diet plans the muscular strength development will be faster than the training without such boosters. It also elevates the body’s endurance level.

It plays not only in increasing muscle mass, but also decreases the excessive fat by fast burning. Both androgen and estrogen are quite opposite in their properties. Androgen, Male hormone, induces to burn the excess fat, whereas Estrogen, Female hormone, supports to store the fat.

Testosterone not only present in men but also in women at least range. The higher levels of testosterone increase the sex drive and libido in both the genders. People who use Testosterone booster register with a better improvement in their sexual life.

Side effects of Testosterone supplements

However, most of the supplements and booster have some side effects; the same applies toTestosterone booster too. A set of androgenic side effects is listed such as

Loss of hair

Liver diseases commonly liver tumors and cysts

Heart attack and stroke in cardiovascular system

Long term usage of Testosterone leads to male reproductive issues, kidney failure

Psychological effects such as swing moods, hostile behavior, depression

Ataxia (instability)

The deficiency of iron leads to anemia and decreases the immunity ultimately

Hirsutism, voice deepening, acne, hair recession and alopecia are found in women

Increased blood pressure

Changes in the cholesterol and lipid levels

It is advised to take a visitation with the health care provider before buying testosterone supplements. Basically, the user is recommended for a blood test to trace out the testosterone level in the blood stream. Since excessive testosterone is capable of elevating a set of androgenic side effects which would be adverse. The physician only determines whether the user may need the booster or not. If somebody interest to buy testosterone supplement through online, they may. But initially should start up with low dosage and may gradually increase the dose. If any strange and serious symptoms noticed, immediate medical intervention is vital to shield from fatal.